Tuition & Payment Plans for the 2016-2017 School Year

Annual tuition at Grace Valley Christian Academy is $4,700 for one student, $8,250 for two students, $11,400 for three students, and $14,000 for four students. Two payment options are available:

  • Installment Plan: Remit 10 equal monthly payments over the course of 10 months
    • Payments begin each August and end in May, and are due on the 1st of each month

  • Advanced Plan: Remit 1 tuition payment representing 10 months of tuition
    • Payment is due by August 1st
    • A 5% discount will be applied to timely annual payments

One Student Two Students Three Students Four Students
Installment Plan $470 $825 $1,140 $1,400
Advanced Plan with 5% Discount
$4,470 $7,840 $10,830 $13,300
Advanced Plan without discount $4,700 $8,250 $11,400 $14,000

Payment Instructions:
  • Make tuition checks payable to: GRACE VALLEY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY
  • Under Plan 1, any payment received after the 1st of the month will carry a $25 late fee
Additional Information
  • Tuition is not tax deductible.
  • Donations are gladly accepted, but do not reduce or substitute for tuition.